Re: Window size/position.

iain <iain ximian com> writes: 
> I wasn't actually talking about that. There's three situations I can
> think of
> a) Window is left open when session ends

This one is clearly specified right now, for SM-aware apps. metacity
should open a dialog when you save session that warns you about
non-aware apps. (It's implemented wrongly at the moment, so you may
not have time to see it on logout, i.e. the dialog doesn't block as it
should. See FIXME in the source code.)

> b) Window is closed and reopened during a session, with the program
> still running (like the GIMP layers window being closed and then opened)
> c) Window is closed and reopened during a session, with the program
> quiting and being restarted (like gnome-cd being run, quit and then run
> again).

These are the two that are not specified.
> It's up to the window/session manager to handle case a, and the
> application to handle cases b and c? The main problem I can see is that
> to the application none of the cases are any different.

That's not a problem though, since the app can just always save
size/position, and the WM can override it in the SM case.

> In case a we have both the window manager and application restoring
> size/position.  Should we not just say that its up to the session
> manager to restart any applications and up to the applications to
> then put their windows in the right place?

We could say that, except that a) is already specified and fairly
widely implemented, so it would "break" old specs.

See the wm-spec-list thread for details.

> (And as an aside, have we fixed the problem that under some window
> managers setting the x and y co-ords of a window sets where the window
> decorations start, and in others it sets where the actual window
> starts?)

There is a clear spec for that, and a number of WMs were fixed after
some wm-spec-list discussion a year or so ago. So you can clearly
establish which WMs are buggy here. Apps should not be trying to work
around the WM in this area, we should just get the WMs fixed.


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