Re: Window size/position.

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 13:45, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Session management size/position saving is clearly specified to be
> done by the WM. What we're talking about is just
> opening/closing/reopening a window within the same session.

I wasn't actually talking about that. There's three situations I can
think of

a) Window is left open when session ends
b) Window is closed and reopened during a session, with the program
still running (like the GIMP layers window being closed and then opened)
c) Window is closed and reopened during a session, with the program
quiting and being restarted (like gnome-cd being run, quit and then run

I was initially talking about a, because it never seemed to work for me,
but maybe I was just trying it with non-session managed programs or
doing something else dumb. But it's all been brought up, we might as
well run with it.

It's up to the window/session manager to handle case a, and the
application to handle cases b and c? The main problem I can see is that
to the application none of the cases are any different. In case a we
have both the window manager and application restoring size/position.
Should we not just say that its up to the session manager to restart any
applications and up to the applications to then put their windows in the
right place?

(And as an aside, have we fixed the problem that under some window
managers setting the x and y co-ords of a window sets where the window
decorations start, and in others it sets where the actual window

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