Re: Window size/position.

iain <iain ximian com> writes: 
> "Who's responsibility is it to handle restoration of window
> size/position?"
> >From what I had gathered it was up to the window manager, but with
> Metacity not doing it, is it now up to the application? Or is it simply
> that Metacity doesn't do it yet, but will in the future?

So, I started a thread about this on wm-spec-list, but I didn't seem
to be able to convince other WM authors that it was a problem. :-/

IMO it clearly is a problem, we need to know definitively if apps or
the WM do this, or it will never work right.

Because given current specs the WM _can't_ do this
correctly/accurately, my opinion is that we have to say it's up to the
application for now. However I think it might be nice to extend the
specs such that the WM could do it. See the wm-spec-list thread.


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