Solaris release notes

Folks -

I need some more input from those of you who understand Solaris issues
for the Release Notes. Currently, for other operating systems, we list
packages that must be installed as prerequisites before building GNOME.
What, if anything, should I say about this issue on Solaris? That
everything you need is already there, with the exception of the patches
Sander noted that should be installed? If the current text is all we
need, fine, but I'd had to give this short shrift.

The current text:


Notes about building on Solaris.

There are a number of patches recommended for building GNOME on Solaris,
which can be obtained from

	* Solaris8/sparc:
        108528-14  108827-20  108989-02  110934-07  111293-04  112396-02
        108652-51  108987-09  110380-04  111111-03  111310-01  112438-01

    * Solaris8/x86:
        108529-14  108828-22  108990-02  110935-07  111294-03  111311-01
        112439-01  108653-41  108988-09  110403-04  111112-03  111307-03


If you are using the native iconv implementation on Solaris instead of
libiconv, you'll need to make sure that you have the converters between
locale encodings and UTF-8 installed. At a minimum you'll need the
SUNWuiu8 package. You probably should also install the SUNWciu8,
SUNWhiu8, SUNWjiu8, and SUNWkiu8 packages.

John Fleck
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