Re: release notes redux [getting involved]

One item i would love to see added to the release notes, is a 'what to expect next'.

I imagine this would outline our intented release schedule (ever 6 months?) and what the next stable release is bringing to the table.

The reason why i think that would be a usefull addition is because
1) You know people are gonna ask everywhere about the file selector dialogs
2) You also know people will ask about menu editing
3) You propably know people will ask for panel gimics

So hopefully it will save us a ton of emails and bug reports because they know that its 'a 'comming. (And maybe cut of a bit of the conversations on,, etc)

    -- Chris

Luis Villa wrote:
On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 23:49, Luis Villa wrote:
Still to come:
Solaris buildness
Other apps that have been/are being ported
How about a 'getting involved' section? I'm quite interested in getting
the new 

I've incorporated this into the new bug section. I'm still hoping
someone else will step up and discuss this a bit- Glynn? Havoc? Owen?
This was your BOF ;)

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