Re: release notes redux

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 23:34, John Fleck wrote:
> Folks -
> Good input from many, especially bonus GNOME karma points to Erik
> Pukinskis, draft the second of the release notes:

Should the bug stuff not all be on the same level? or is that just a
rendering issue?

> Still to come:
> themes
> Solaris buildness
> Other apps that have been/are being ported

How about a 'getting involved' section? I'm quite interested in getting
the new 

some pub, and I think some of the mailing lists should probably get pub
too. 'Like GNOME2? Here's how you can help make the next release even
better and join our wonderful[1][2] community' type stuff.

Luis [I'll try to maybe work on fleshing out the bug writeup a bit in
the morning, if that is of interest]

[2]also pantsless

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