Re: resetting prefs

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 07:08:11PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> It should be noted that there are _two_ options on that screen,
> that can be summarized as:
>  A) Blow away your .gnome (the one under discussion here)
>  B) Blow away your gnome-sesssion, reset to the default
> B) was the main reason that the screen was added; and even if
> you think people should be tarring up .gnome and filing
> a bug report for A), if you've lost your:
>  A) panel
>  B) window manager
> Then the bug occurred before, and your gnome-session isn't going
> to contain useful information...

Yes, a quick way to get real work done is a good idea. And to debug B) only with
the information in gnome-session maybe impossible in the most cases. But A) is
very drastic, the user looses a lot stuff, he or she might later restore.

So the idea of a way to get a sane system fast is good, but getting bug reports
and preverving settings (to be restored by a friend, coworker or help desk
person with more linux knowleagde) is important, too.

So: good idea, but can be improved.

Martin H.

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