Re: resetting prefs

jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes:

> gnome-login-check does rm -rf ~/.gnome2 if you hold down Ctrl+Shift and
> choose "reset settings".
> however, it doesn't nuke ~/.gconf, or ~/.gnome.  do we want to add
> these?
> do people [red hat] use these when doing tech support?

I don't think so; we added it for Red Hat 6.0 and told support about
it; it didn't turn out to be as needed as we feared, and I doubt
anybody still remembers.

I have found it occasionally useful to tell people about personally;
including someone quite recently. It's a lot easier to explain on the
phone than the alternatives.

It should be noted that there are _two_ options on that screen,
that can be summarized as:

 A) Blow away your .gnome (the one under discussion here)
 B) Blow away your gnome-sesssion, reset to the default

B) was the main reason that the screen was added; and even if
you think people should be tarring up .gnome and filing
a bug report for A), if you've lost your:

 A) panel
 B) window manager

Then the bug occurred before, and your gnome-session isn't going
to contain useful information...

Anyways, the whole screen was added as a little security-blanket
easter egg. I'd miss it a little bit if it was gone, but its
certainly not worth much effort.


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