Re: release notes: parallel install

Ps, one posible conflict might be the control-center installs. Since the packages have the same names, any packaged system might have problems with them. (if im not mistaking, some files conflict as well).

Does control-center 2.0.x now also set GTK+ 1.x themes and fonts? If not, we basicly loose the functionality of changing them (short of editing .gtkrc files, which most 'users' wont know how to do)

    -- Chris

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Glynn Foster">

What about listing the applications that have a direct 2.0 equivalent,
ie. that replace the 1.4.1 version ie. gedit ?

"The GNOME 2.0 Desktop replaces your GNOME 1.4 Desktop components."

  (Plus verbiage describing the parallel installability of the developer
  platforms and compatibility with 1.x applications on the 2.x desktop.)

Yeah. The only interesting part of the parallel install equation is the
developer platforms.

- Jeff


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