Re: Why has menu editing been removed?

So people are supposed to 'not change the default setup' ? The first thing i do with any new OS instalation (Windows, etc) is edit the menu's to my liking. That is afterall the stuff i use every day on my computer. Assuming people will just leave it default is like asuming they are only running gnome2 as a 'gimic' and not as a day-to-day tool.

Now i know im preaching to the choire here, and this is all talk and no code, im just mentaly preparing my self for the flood bug reports ;-)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Mike Martin">

Is there actually a reason why the 90% working menu editing via the panel
has been removed in gnome-panel-2.0.1?

If menu editing ends up being a major user issue [1], then this will be a
huge bug sink, and a big headache for Luis and everyone involved in that
side of things.

It makes more sense, at this stage, to have a decent implimentation for it
shipping with 2.0.1 than having a fairly borky version shipping in the short

So yes, there is "actually a reason". :-)


- Jeff

[1] Doubt it, amongst users with sane distributions anyway.


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