Re: release notes: Solaris

Sander Vesik wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Drazen Kacar wrote:
> > Are you sure that's enough? Even with all Solaris packages installed,
> > iconv_open() won't be able to convert between, say, "iso-8859-1" and
> > "utf-8". It won't accept anything in lower case, for a start. But even if
> > you use upper case names, the above conversion won't be accepted. (It will
> > accept only 8859-1 and ISO8859-1 as valid names for Latin 1.)

> Well, yes, but if you actually want to use gnome - and not just gtk+ - you
> will need a gettext that has bind_textdomain_codeset. Users of Solaris 8
> don't have that in the libc version, this probably also needs to go into
> the release notes.

Yes, but they can get that with GNU gettext installation. However, GNU
gettext expects a few things from iconv implementation that Solaris
doesn't provide. And things will work just fine until something attempts
to use the missing pieces, at which point iconv_open returns -1 and
gettext says oh, shit.

Besides, I don't see how Solaris 9 users are supposed to compile I18N
support with the gettext imlementation in libc. Unless something has
changed very recently, configure tests for gettext will fail with the libc

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