Re: [Fwd: Re: themes]

James Willcox <jwillcox cs indiana edu> writes:

> IMHO, I don't think the average person knows what antialiasing fonts
> _means_, so putting in an option like that may just be confusing....also,
> I don't think that you would be able to instantly apply that preference,
> so that's bad too.....

I hope that for GTK+-2.2, we'll be able to instant apply all the Xft

 - Antialiasing on or off
 - Whether to use sub-pixel antialiasing and RGB vs. BGR
 - What sort of hinting to use
 - The DPI used to map points to pixels

Whether you _want_ to offer all those options is another matter...

(You can't instant apply the option whether to use Xft or not, since
that changes the set of available fonts but I think with Xft2 there is
no real reason to offer the alternative of not using Xft.)


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