Re: release notes: Solaris

On 17 Jun 2002, Luis Villa wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 09:12, John Fleck wrote:
> > Folks -
> > Could someone who's been building GNOME2 on Solaris jot down whatever it
> > is I ought to say in the release notes?
> Either 'please report bugs because Sun will love you for it' or 'please
> don't report bugs because Ximian and Wipro will love you for it.' :) 

Of course its 'please file bug reports' 8-) 

> Seriously...
>         * Solaris Intel may have gtk issues [bug 84486; that is reported
>           fixed but I don't know if it was fixed 'only' in Sun builds or
>           if it was also fixed in gtk 2.0.4.]

I wish I knew - if it could have been caused by a "bad" patch to
pangox.aliases, then it should be just fine in the cvs.

>         * keybindings have issue with stock gtk: bug 74223, 79184, maybe
>           58203

For the ones these exists, we should just point at the releavant patches
in sun-patches, or alternatively document as known bugs. 

> Other than that, offhand, Solaris GNOME /should/ be pretty solid.
> Luis


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