Gnome 2 RC1 doesnt start with LANG set to hi_IN or hi_IN.utf8

 After installing Gnome 2 RC1 snapshot RPMS, and starting Gnome with
LANG set to hi_IN or hi_IN.utf8, I get 2 dialogs, with foll error
messages, and no gnome session starts.

error dialogs
 Nautilus can't be used now, due to an unexpected error  (the dialog 
has the details button in Hindi :)

 There was a problem registering the panel with the bonobo-activation
 The error code is: 3
 The panel will now exit.

Gnome starts normally with default locales 'C' & en_US. After starting
Gnome this way, applications started after setting LANG=hi_IN do come
in hindi.
 Also this problem was not there with Gnome 2 beta 5 release, it
started normally with Hindi locale on my RH7.2 m/c.
 What could be the problem?
( It could be issue with Xlib locale, as there is no hi_IN locale
defined in Xlib locales (but glibc ones are defined) , but a is
aliased to iscii-dev locale, but then the problem seems specific to
this release )


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