Re: release notes: Solaris

Drazen Kacar <dave willfork com> writes:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > One thing that most likely should be noted is in the GLib README:
> > 
> >  If you are using the native iconv implementation on Solaris
> >  instead of libiconv, you'll need to make sure that you have 
> >  the converters between locale encodings and UTF-8 installed.
> >  At a minimum you'll need the SUNWuiu8 package. You probably
> >  should also install the SUNWciu8, SUNWhiu8, SUNWjiu8, and
> >  SUNWkiu8 packages.
> > 
> > This is the most common problem I've seen reported about GTK+
> > on Solaris.
> Are you sure that's enough? Even with all Solaris packages installed,
> iconv_open() won't be able to convert between, say, "iso-8859-1" and
> "utf-8". It won't accept anything in lower case, for a start. But even if
> you use upper case names, the above conversion won't be accepted. (It will
> accept only 8859-1 and ISO8859-1 as valid names for Latin 1.)
> The problem can be somewhat eased by creating approx. 2000 symlinks in
> /usr/lib/iconv, but that still doesn't give you conversions from UTF-8 to
> UTF-8. GNU gettext will try to use that kind of thing internaly. I don't
> know about Glib.

GLib has an alias table that it uses to find the right converter
for the platform. 

(It shares the alias file with the 'libcharset' code that libiconv,
etc, use for converting the output of nl_langinfo(CODESET).)


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