Re: g-s-d and SM

jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes:

> as reported in bug #85030, if g-s-d gets lost from the session, and
> activated by one of the capplets, it won't register with the session
> manager, so won't be started on login next time.
> at this point, the user can't even manually start g-s-d to add it to
> their session, since there's already one running.
> a couple of options:
>         1.  add something to tell g-s-d the SM

Is this thought incomplete?

>         2.  have gnome-session start g-s-d via bonobo-activation and
>         remove it from the session

I might vote for this one.

>         3.  punt it, since this shouldn't be happening
>         4.  something else?

Along these lines, we were going to write a sanity-checker to make sure
that your environment (mostly GConf and ORBit related) was sane when
starting GNOME.  Did that ever happen, Havoc?  We can possibly add a
check for it in the session there -- GNOME w/o this daemon simply isn't


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