Zarro Boogs Found

Hi all,

Louie just pointed this out on #gnome...

Thanks for the bugmeistering Louie, and a huge thanks to everyone who
submitted and smashed our bugs. We have a much better desktop for it.

  Despite some rough edges, 2.0.0 will be a great release. The rough edges
  won't last for long, however - we've committed to regular point releases
  over the next few months to hone and polish the enormous amount we've
  achieved in the last year (or so).

If you're not feeling a big, warm, proud fuzzy right now, you're probably
still using GNOME 1.x [1]. :-)


- Jeff

    "Man, is there some worldwide consipiracy to supply me with doctored    
             dictionaries or something?" - Adrian van den Dries             

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