TARBALLS DUE: Release Candidate 1 is here!

Hi all,

Tarballs are due for Release Candidate 1. This will have to be a fast
turnaround release, because we have not left much time between RC1 release
and the final tarballs due date.

*Please* email the release team <gnome2-release-team gnome org> if you don't
intend to submit a tarball for release candidate 1. I'll make this easy, and
set Reply-To accordingly - we *need to know*.

We're hoping to put this out on Wednesday at the latest, in contrast to the
dates specified on the schedule. We need that testing time.

Remember, the tarballs you submit for RC1 should be what you're intending to
release with final. If there are known issues with your RC1 release you
*need* to tell the release team about this too.


- Jeff

     "It is said that there are only six jokes in the world, and I can      
    assure you that we can only broadcast three of them..." - John Watt,    
                   the BBC's Head of Variety in the 30's                    

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