Re: bug status

On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 23:51, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 05:32, Luis Villa wrote:
> > On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 22:58, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > > If this doesn't work I have a feeling we'll get alot of bad press over it...
> > 
> > Considering how few duplicates of that bug have been filed, I doubt it. 
> Or it could be that we have successfully marketed the 2.0.0 critical bug
> list so most people where aware that the bug was already filed and being
> worked on :)

Yes, it certainly has come up frequently on IRC, if I remember
correctly. So people have noticed it quite a bit.
John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h) jfleck abqjournal com (w)

"You don't want to die with the music still in you."
 - John Gardner

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