punted bugs and 2.0.0 - putting it all in perspective [or, 233 >> 8 :)

Since we're at the point now where we have (basically) 1 2.0.0 bug,
there's been some discussion in IRC implying that we reached this state
by just punting 2.0.0 bugs to 2.0.1. I want to clarify the situation,
because it misrepresents how far we've come.

There has definitely been a fair amount of puntage going on, but there
have been only _eight_ total bugs that were punted from 2.0.0 to
2.0.1.[1] A complete list, so we're all on the same page:

*74974: drag and drop in list view [implementation came too late]
*81670, 73770, 73773: menu editing via nautilus
*78007: i18n+zvt [patch was seriously broken, unfortunately]
*82337: sawfish navigation [no one willing to implement]

*75620: mime type issues in nautilus. Got punted because the worst bits
got fixed.

*81769: gtkhtml2 crash when used as a web browser; punted because we're
seriously discouraging use of gtkhtml2 as a browser :)

That's eight punted bugs. In contrast, since we started marking 2.0.0
bugs, we've marked as FIXED _106_ 2.0.0 bugs, and 127 2.0.1 bugs. 

So, yes, there has been puntage, and yes, that is unfortunate. But we've
also made huge strides in quality in the past month or two, and we
should all be pretty proud, I think, of what we're putting out here

Luis [trying to make this humorous and failing miserably :) 

[1] Note that there are several others in the DB that were marked 2.0.0

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