Re: gnome cvs on RH7.3 - getting desperate

> (I have had problems trying to compile gstreamer / monkey-sound / 
> rhythmbox-new from cvs, which all fail for me to on the aclocal/automake 
> stuff)

FYI, all gstreamer modules need autoconf 2.52 (which you'll have) and 
automake 1.5 (which is probably not what is pointed to by default if 
you're running rh73).  So in that respect we differ from the traditional 
gnome modules who all work with automake 1.4.

OTOH, I put a lot of work in smoothing out the process so you 
can easily specify both a different autoconf and automake binary (and it 
will also pick up corresponding aclocal and autoheader ones) with 
--with-automake and --with-autoconf arguments to

I seem to get from your mail that gstreamer would be in vbs, is that the 
case ?

Also, if you decide to be running gstreamer from cvs (which you should 
only be doing if you really want to, it's not a core gnome component yet), 
then *please* let us know what problems you might have.  It is really 
frustrating to be hearing about problems and knowing that they have not 
been reported properly.  We take great pride in getting people to be able 
to run it and we've seen our fair share of trouble people can get in ;) So 
file a bug in gnome's bugzilla, join us on OPN in #gstreamer, send a mail 
to the devel list, whatever...  We'd love to be able to set you up with a 
working setup.



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