Re: gnome cvs on RH7.3 - getting desperate

Ps, for the record, i have been keeping up with the gnome2 releases and building rpm's out of them. the system on which i do this has been upgraded to rh 7.3, and i have had no problems with the release tarbals.

(I have had problems trying to compile gstreamer / monkey-sound / rhythmbox-new from cvs, which all fail for me to on the aclocal/automake stuff)

So it would seem to me it's the autoconf + gnome2 combo thats broken somehow?

    -- Chris

bordoley msu edu wrote:
Have you considered just using ximian snapshots for RedHat 7.3 instead of
building from source/???


mike <mike redtux demon co uk> said:

Before I spend two days working out exactly how automake/autoconf works
- could some at least give me some idea why RH7.3 / gnome2 is just

Running out of things to try
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