Re: multihead support across GNOME


On 30 Jul 2002, Shahms E. King wrote:

> I can think of a very important situation where this will be the case:
> Terminal Servers and multiple concurrent logons, which, ATM are
> completely broken from a number of standpoints (the most painfully
> obvious at the moment are Evolution and Galeon).  Ideally, just because
> I didn't logout of my workstation at work is no reason I shouldn't be
> able to login remotely, or, say I have a laptop in the other room from
> my home computer.  I don't want to have to remember to logout all the
> time, just so I can use the
> horribly-slow-but-works-just-fine-as-a-remote-display laptop from the
> other room.  At present, a lot of things work (Nautilus, finally, being
> one of the most important ones) but a lot of other things only show up
> on the original display, or, far worse, break in subtle ways.

	Sounds like I've confused the issue again. The multidisplay
support I'm talking about is the same *process* rendering on more than
one X display at once. Why is that useful ? I dunno thats the point.

	What you're talking about is seperate processes on the same
machine running on different X displays. This is normal X behaviour
and if some apps aren't able to do it, they're broken and need to be
fixed ....

Good Luck,

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