Re: multihead support across GNOME

> 	Sounds like I've confused the issue again. The multidisplay
> support I'm talking about is the same *process* rendering on more than
> one X display at once. Why is that useful ? I dunno thats the point.

One use for this would be in an application such as The GIMP being able
to have (for example) its control panels and so forth displaying on one
monitor with the actual editing areas on the other monitor.

Naturally if you want to do this you could use Xinerama but in certain
circumstances that is not possible - on my system, developing using full
screen libSDL and OpenGL does wierd things when using Xinerama, where
the display is suitably locked to the correct monitor but the mouse can
escape that window and go outside the window.

There may be other issues with regard to this that I haven't
investigated further and is probably getting a bit O/T.

It'll be great if/when these capabilities are introduced.  I can think
of other examples where this may be useful but I think you get the
general idea. :-)


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