Re: [G2R] Translation of .schemas files in core modules

tir, 2002-07-30 kl. 06:05 skrev Luis Villa:
> So, Christian, i18n guys:
> *this means more things that aren't in English. That's good.
> *it seems like it breaks your procedure and tools, and makes it harder
> to translate more important stuff. That's bad.
> At this point, the string freeze, especially for things that aren't in
> docs, is very much for the benefit of your team. That means _your_team_
> (or your team's representative) has to decide if the benefits outweigh
> the costs. We can't measure that for you- you have to do it yourself.
> So, at this point, whatever your team decides, the release team will
> respect and enforce. We just have to know what you think the best thing
> is for you and what you're willing to do.

So, me and Christian put on our management hats for a second this
morning and decided that we are going to put the .schemas files on the
2.2 track. The reason for this is that the amount of strings is huge and
also most of the strings have never been anywhere near an audit.

So, we thought it would be better if we set up some kind of "ui-review"
of the .schemas files for 2.2 and start putting patches in bugzilla for
these cleanups ASAP.

Other than that I have two outstanding i18n issues for 2.0.1.

- intltool not being able to extract strings marked with L_(). One good
examle is from libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.c where "Contents" is not
ending up in the .pot file. This leads to "Help->Contents" not being

(Can't find the bug number now since bugzilla seems to be down)

- gnome-control-center's mime-type-capplet has a lot of untranslated
strings in the Category list. I've talked to Jody about this some time
ago and he said it would be fixed, but I'm not sure that is the case
just yet.


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