Re: libgailutil and platform


I had intended to apply the patch in bug 89372 but do I understand correctly 
that you are requesting that this patch not be applied for 2.0.x branch.


> Hi,
> Looking at the Red Hat Linux tree on fire today, I realized that
> libgailutil is used a lot more widely than I thought.
> Due to the soname change I have to rebuild at least:
>  - eel 
>  - librsvg
>  - nautilus
>  - eog
>  - gdm 
>  - gedit
>  - gnome-applets
>  - gnome-media
>  - gnome-python
>  - gtkhtml2
>  - yelp
> If a library is going to be used this widely it probably should follow
> the platform rules and never break ABI. It's just too painful
> otherwise. If the library isn't stable enough to follow those rules it
> shouldn't be used so widely.
> I know breaking the soname here was an honest mistake (one that's
> costing me a couple days of time - though please don't revert it now,
> that would cost a couple days again!), but we should probably set the
> expectation that it won't happen again in the 2.0.x branch. This lib
> is just too widely used.  If gail isn't finished, we should fork off a
> development branch for 2.1.x and leave the 2.0.x one alone. With 2.0.x
> in feature freeze there should be no reason to break the ABI in the
> 2.0.x series.
> Thanks,
> Havoc
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