Minutes for Gnome 2 release team call 2002-07-26

Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2002-07-26

Present:                     Regrets:              Absent: 
-------	                     --------              -------

Calum Benson               Jody Goldberg         everyone else :) 
Karl Gaffney               Kjarten Maraas
Telsa Gwynne               Michael Meeks 
Greg Leblanc
Sander Vesik
Luis Villa


  DONE: Sander to remind people of string freeze date

  PENDING: All release team members to mail their thoughts on release
           process. What worked, what didn't, what needs fixing.
  => Most people have done this; some are still travelling from summit.

  PENDING: In that email, include what range of hours forward or back
           you can comfortably move for conference calls.
  => As above: most people have done this, waiting on the rest.

  NEW: Luis to mail desktop-devel-list and gnome-hackers his
  bug summary for the week (Actually, by the time I sent this out,
  he'd done it.) 

  NEW: Telsa to find/write a "CVS branches" doc for people to fix and
  we can put it on dotplan for people unsure about branches. 

  NEW: Jeff to summarise summit stuff relevant to release team by
  Monday on mailing list.

  NEW: Luis to nag Jeff to summarise summit stuff. 

Decisions and discussions:

  * Bugs status
  Luis mailed this before the call:
    Total count is fine; there have been no serious, unfixed regressions.

  * Are we on track for 2.0.1? 
  From a bugs point of view: yes. Some fixes are slow to arrive.

  * Summit.
  Due to the summit, there was no conference call last week.
  At the summit, Jeff gave a talk about the release process and got
  lots of feedback: we shall prod him to summarise this on his return 
  from travelling. 

  * Release team future composition
  * Release team process thoughts
  Discussed on list. Will wait for Jeff's feedback from summit.

  * Branching
  Expecting that all the remaining fixes will have landed by next
  Friday. Several modules are expected to branch then: Nautilus
  is one, panel is another (there is already a multihead branch there
  too), and we couldn't remember the others. gnome-vfs has already
  branched, as have gedit and gnome-utils. Need a "working on branches"
  refresher page: this will also help new hackers. 

  * Phone call timing:
  The people most affected (West Coast US and Australia) weren't here
  except for Greg. Take up on-list.


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