Automake 1.4-p6 released

We're pleased to announce the release of Automake 1.4-p6.

* This is NOT a bug fix release.                       *
* This is NOT the latest release of Automake.          *
* This version we recommend you use is Automake 1.6.3. *

This version is based on Automake 1.4-p5, and has been
updated to install versioned binaries (automake-1.4 and
aclocal-1.4), like it is done in recent Automake versions.

The impetus for this change comes from the Gnome developers
who can't easily upgrade their *entire* CVS tree from Automake 1.4.x
to Automake 1.6.x.  Now they can install Automake 1.4-p6 and
Automake 1.6.3, and specify which version should be used by
each CVS module.  This should ease the transition.

You can find this release here:

Soon it will also appear on the sources and GNU mirrors.
Follow these links for a list of them:

Please report bugs to <bug-automake gnu org>.

 - Akim, Alexandre, and Tom

New in 1.4-p6:
* Versioned install support back-ported from 1.6

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