Re: automake transition


> So I've been building everything with automake 1.6.1 for a long time
> now, and the only packages I can think of off hand that have problems
> are audiofile, gstreamer, gst-plugins, monkey-sound, and rhythmbox.  

Could you be more specific about gstreamer and gst-plugins, and file bugs 
in bugzilla ? Since gstreamer has been using automake 1.5 for a long time, 
the issues will be very different from the ones encountered with gnome 

I have a rough ideas of the changes between 1.5 and 1.6 (some of them 
involving having automake error out when unused flags are defined, which 
1.5 doesn't care about) so some feedback on that would be nie so we can 
fix that if people decide they want to use am16.


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