automake transition


I got CVS automake-1.4 as suggested by Tom, installed that and also
1.6, then deleted the "automake" and "aclocal" files so I only have 
automake-1.4 and automake-1.6 executables. I'm now mostly through a
rebuild without an "automake" executable. The CVS snap of automake
seems to work fine.

This involves a lot of trivial changes, of the
s/automake/automake-1.4/ variety.

My proposed plan:

 - We wait for the new automake 1.4 release
 - I commit my changes to all modules at once 
   (including libxml2, gtk+, etc.)
 - We remove the "automake" and "aclocal" executables from the 
   tinderbox machines and install only -1.4 and -1.6; 
   it's a bug to refer to unspecified "automake"
 - Modules on the 2.1.x branch can move to 1.6 any time they 
   feel like it by changing their script
 - we change to 1.6 on the 2.1.x branch as soon as
   someone makes sure it works


btw here is a patch that aclocal benefits from: 

--- /cvs/am-cvs/automake14/aclocal      Wed Jul 24 22:58:19 2002
+++ /unst/bin/aclocal-1.4       Wed Jul 24 23:55:54 2002
@@ -415,7 +415,7 @@
            elsif ($map{$1} ne 'acinclude.m4' || $file eq
                warn "aclocal: $file: $.: duplicated macro \`$1'\n";
-               $exit_status = 1;
+               #$exit_status = 1;
            print STDERR "Found macro $1 in $file: $.\n" if

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