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> (Let me also echo Seth's sentiment that we should in no way listen to
> polls on ;-) The "real desktop market" by which I
> mean the easiest 5% of Microsoft market share for us to claim, in
> order to get started as an interesting desktop OS, is pretty much by
> definition going to be _totally_ silent on _all_ of our forums. If you
> know enough about computers to distinguish GNOME from the rest of the
> OS, and post to a forum, you are not a typical desktop end user, _at
> all_. End of story. Your needs/wants are going to be totally
> different.)

Great Point

> We all need to realize that if we want to succeed on the desktop, we
> are going to be coding for a silent majority; and the only way to get
> their needs right is to follow usability heuristic rules, and go out
> and actively user test and solicit feedback.

Anyone have any ideas on how the GNOME project could get good structured
exposure to "normal" people who use computers, but don't know anything about

PS - Anyone know if any major distro vendors are really going to target
those people sometime soon?  I really like what ximian does with the
desktop, but I'd like to see that integration pushed MUCH farther into the


> Havoc

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