Re: Control Center Behavior

Your correct the funcitionality described in 4 is already offered. You can also run the shell using a command line switch. This is just USERS asking for the default to be switched back to the shell. I think this is a good idea, i personally find the shell much easier to use then the nautilus view.

-joshua eichorn

Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 05:04:52PM -0500, Jens Knutson wrote:
To add to this:
4. For users who love Gnome 2 but don't want/don't need Nautilus, and
thus just make it not run on startup, (as is the case with a couple of
my friends) it gives them a nice CC-style interface without having to
muck with Nautilus.  This is certainly a minority group, but the
flexability is still nice.

Now I'm confused. Isn't this exact functionality already provided? If
Nautilus isn't running and you start the control-center, it pops up as
its own application. What more beyond this is implied by point 4?

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