Re: nautilus vs. gnome-settings-daemon "race"

Hi Mark,

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 23:10, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> 	1) Allow bonobo components to connect to the session manager
> if it wants. This could be controlled be an oaf_attribute in the
> .server file.
> 	I would like (1) to be possible, but I don't think (2) is too
> bad a solution.

	Ultimately that's not a good solution, since b-a-s might be kicking
around across sessions or somesuch crack.

	I'd like to sit down and get this really right at some stage, and
re-spawn processes with different LANG setups [as we do for displays]
work out how to do the multi-display stuff correctly, and so on and so

	It's a matter of getting a decent design that will handle the myriad
environment variables, and do sensible things for the special ones, and
something intelligent for the less special ones. But I'd rather have a
coherent design than a series of hacks we have to support.

	Does that make sense ?



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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