Re: VTE on Solaris

HideToshi Tajima <hidetoshi tajima sun com> writes:

> I ran VTE on Solaris and it is crashing immedietely - due to iconv failure.
> Apparantly it fails at trie.c:line 481: conv = g_iconv_open("WCHAR_T",
> "UTF-8"),
> and I don't see UTF-8 -> WCHAR_T conversion working either with libiconv
> 1.7 or
> Solaris native iconv.
> I don't think using "WCHAR_T" for iconv charset name is portable. Can
> "UCS-4" be
> substituted for it?

Couple of issues:

 a) I think vte actually uses C library functionality on the resulting
    wide characters - in particular wcwidth().

    One the other hand, I think there is an assumption elsewhere in
    VTE that wchar_t is Unicode, so maybe what is needed is to 
    include a wcwidth() implementation on platforms where
    __STDC_ISO_10646__ isn't defined.

 b) UCS-4 may not be the right endianness.


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