Re: replace esound/audiofile with gstreamer

Le mar 16/07/2002 à 15:22, Ali Akcaagac a écrit :
> On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 14:49, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> > My only question is about gstreamer interoperating with other sound
> > servers (this is still a problem with esound) ?
> who wants that ? ok for a multiuser system i may understand this but for
> single user systems that many of us are running it doesn't matter much.
> i mean i changed gstreamer with gconf-edit to point to my alsasink and
> done.

Distributors (like Mandrake) want that !!

Average users don't even want to know what sound system they are using
and they shouldn't have to know that.. 

It should always work out of the box and we shouldn't have to modify a
config file each time we switch environment... Have a look at ogg123..
If is smart enough to plug to OSS or ESD..

> > otherwise fallback to esd if esd is running (I'm afraid we will continue
> > to see esd around for a long time yet..)
> well generally a users system looks like this. he has esound installed,
> he has audiofile installed only in favour to make gnome compile happy.
> in reallity these people use programms like rhythmbox or xmms with
> direct alsa access. to say the truth esound never really worked for me
> with the new alsa9 support. not that it is a bug or something but it
> doesn't support devfs therefore wants to access things that i can't deal
> with (but i must admit that i havent investigated into that issue much
> since i don't care much about esound).

You are making assumption on users... Not all users want to/have
compiled GNOME.. 

Frédéric Crozat

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