Re: replace esound/audiofile with gstreamer

Le mar 16/07/2002 à 14:38, Ali Akcaagac a écrit :
> hi,
> now that gnome 2.0.0 got released and a lot of modules continue on HEAD,
> doesn't it make sense to drop esound/audiofile in favour of gstreamer ?
> it would take away a big stone from fcrozat (frederic crozat) it also
> drop 2 modules that needs to be maintained (actually 1) it also make old
> code obsolete in favour to the new one.

Be sure I won't vote against it :)))

My only question is about gstreamer interoperating with other sound
servers (this is still a problem with esound) ?

Currently, if we start a GNOME application under KDE (which uses arts by
default), there won't be any sound since sound device is already taken
by KDE (I know, I've got a patch to support arts for esound but since
esound doesn't allow you to choose your sound system at runtime, this is
not very useful).

What will happen if we switch to gstreamer ?

Is it able to dynamically (at runtime) use arts if arts is running,
otherwise fallback to esd if esd is running (I'm afraid we will continue
to see esd around for a long time yet..), use alsa devices if alsa sound
drivers are running or fallback to OSS if OSS drivers are running ?
(Sorry if my question is somehow linux centric..)

If gstreamer has grabbed the sound device directly, it is possible to
"divert" standard applications to gstreamer (like esddsp or artsdsp
does) ?

I know these questions are more about gstreamer itself and its
integration in GNOME but I think they are important (otherwise, we won't
drain the swamp :))

Frédéric Crozat

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