Re: Fifth-toe list (was Re: [Usability]thoughts on ui-review for fifth toe)

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 01:52, Luis Villa wrote:
> This discussion (what is in fifth toe) needs to be on a wider list than
> usability@; please strip usability@ from the replies to this particular
> branch of the thread.

Hmm, yeah, I posted my commentary to the release team / usability list
(didn't even realise usability was there, oops).

> This list generally looks OK to me, but a question: who gets to veto
> things from this list with a 'this is not up to GNOME standards' note?

After discussion with d-d-l and the hackers involved, then I think Jamin
(as Fifth Toe dude) and the release team.

> For example, to the best of my knowledge, xchat will never conform to
> the HIG, and Rachel has had no time to do anything with metatheme to
> bring it up to the stability/functionality standards we've set in the
> core release. Do those things matter for fifth toe?

Yeah. Less so, but they definitely do. Fifth Toe should be a
demonstration of the best GNOME applications around, so everything
involved should make an attempt to come up to GNOME standards. (Puts
GIMP in an odd position though...)

> Relatedly,

Oh, I like that one.

> do we want to include only 'stable' releases of gtk2-ported
> apps? i.e., should gimp be in if our choice is a gtk1.4 version or an
> unstable devel version? Or should we just leave it out until it is
> stable?

I'd say definitely side with 2.x apps only for subsequent releases. :-)

- Jeff

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