Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices (back-button)

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, bordoley msu edu wrote:

> that said the mac only has a back button which i'm fairly certain is really 
> acting as up though i'm not quite positive of this.

	The back-button only works as up-button for mouse-wheenies. People 
how are used to type locations directly into the location field are 
dramatically cut if there is no up button. So my conclusion is like that:

	a) Keep the location entry and provide an up button.

	b) Rip-out the location entry, causing nautilus to become a really 
useless programm for more advanced users. In that case you also
can keep the up-button out, but you also won't win the desktop 
war because each averagely skilled person will be forced to use a terminal 
also for such tasks where a graphical shell would be more aproximated. 
Task like image management, maybe also document or music management 

	Conclusion: IMHO the up-button is essential, even if there are
enough ppl out there who won't have a clue what it is usefull for. BUT: We
really should take care that we don't turn GNOME into a Tele-Tubby-System.  
None if the hackers, which are essential for Opensource development will
use such a system. AND: We should not overrate Sun's usablility studies:  
_Sun is clueless about useablility_. Don't know of a successfull desktop
system built by Sun Microsystems. Yes, all their systems were reall rocket
science, but out-of-the box a pain in the ass when used as desktop

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