Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices

Symlinks are broken in nautilus. Instead of acting like true unix symlinks 
they act as windows shortcuts. I wish someone with knowhow would fix that :).

That said the main advantage imho of browser style navigation is that it 
allows nautilus to be used for more than just local file system browsing. ie. 
ftp smb etc. Hence a sort of browsing.

that said the mac only has a back button which i'm fairly certain is really 
acting as up though i'm not quite positive of this.


Andrew Sobala <andrew sobala net> said:

> Interestingly, I always navigate "Back" even when I really mean "Up"
> because 99% of the time the buttons do the same thing (and I'd say that
> I keep track of my filesystem as a hierarchy). Since you click on
> folders to move into the directory tree, back is normally "up and out."
> This only breaks when following symlinks.
> Just my OT 2p

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