Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots (& GStreamer & automake)

Le lun 08/07/2002 à 11:43, Thomas Vander Stichele a écrit :
> As for GStreamer having to be in Gnome CVS, there are advantages and 
> disadvantages.
> Personally, I think it's a bit irritating that anonymous cvs on gnome lags 
> so much.  We still fix a lot of impromptu bugs by request on IRC and it's 
> really nice that people can check them out immediately.
> As for it really needing it to be in CVS, I'm not sure about that.  First 
> of all, how much of the core and the plug-ins need to be translated ? It's 
> a library without much UI stuff in it.
> We have considered moving the player to gnome's cvs, so that could be 
> done.  But the core and the plug-ins, in our opinion, don't really 
> necessarily need to be moved.  ie: we'd need good reason to do so.
> Especially from a political standpoint, we would consider it a bad move.  
> We still hope to somehow move more KDE people to use GStreamer.

Well, I don't think KDE people won't use gstreamer because it is stored

They already use libxml2, libxslt and even libart_lgpl from GNOME CVS

Frédéric Crozat

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