Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots

On 8 Jul 2002, Frederic Crozat wrote:

> Le lun 08/07/2002  12:02, Mathias Hasselmann a crit :
> > 
> > 	Pardon? Pathnames? If that's the entire problem: Paths are easy to
> > adjust - hey, we have the sources! Uh... And aren't the paths uses by
> > those tools adjustable by the configure script of those tools? Well, and
> > autoconf (which handles all the .m4 melange for autmake even knows about
> > an --autoconf-dir switch, suiteable to select the aclocal directory to
> > use...
> > 
> > 	Well IHMO it should be enough to create a set of trivial wrapper
> > scripts (instead of all this symlink/renaming voodoo) which just reads
> > some environment variables to get arround the entire problem. 
> BTW, Debian (and Mandrake too) ship a wrapper for autoconf to deal with
> autoconf 2.13 and 2.5x ...

	Redhat 7.3 just creates symlinks pointing on automake-1.4,
autoconf-2.13, ... and such. Ximian is even more evil, throws unversioned
scripts into /usr/bin. But hey: I'm quite sure that the Debian and the
Mandrake scripts are gpled... Well, and we have employees of Redhat and
Ximian on this list - so this disaster should be easy to fix... ;-)

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