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James Willcox wrote:


I've created some code that stores recently used files called
gnome-recent (it was mentioned on this list before).  It has a
model-view design, and currently has gtk+ and libbonoboui "views" which
are used to reflect the current contents of the file list.  Currently
gedit is using this code, and an older modified version is in gdl.  It
is probably still far from perfect, but I would like to get it into
libegg so at least people will see it.  It currently lives in CVS module
gnome-recent.  What do you guys think?
Sounds like a good idea to have in libegg.

It would probably be a good idea to do a writeup of how the code should be used. Maybe include some comparisons with how windows and MacOS handle this. Some other things you might want to consider are:

   * recently used documents for a particular application (like the
     list often found at the bottom of the file menu), or desktop wide
     (like the documents submenu off the start menu on windows), or both?
   * Should programs that edit the same file types have the same recent
     lists? (ie. is it the 4 last documents edited with GEdit, or the 4
     last text/plain documents edited?)

I am sure you can think of other things. Looking at these issues should help make sure the code is useful to the maximum number of people. There was some code to handle recent documents in older versions of libgnome or libgnomeui, but no one ever used it (I can't remember if it was due to it being a bad API, lack of visibility or something else). It would be good to make sure the replacement is done right.

Note that writing this up is not a waste of time -- it can become part of the documentation of your code. It will also make it easier for others to comment/contribute.


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