Re: gnome-recent in libegg

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 00:58, James Willcox wrote:
> Hi,
> I've created some code that stores recently used files called
> gnome-recent (it was mentioned on this list before).  It has a
> model-view design, and currently has gtk+ and libbonoboui "views" which
> are used to reflect the current contents of the file list.  Currently
> gedit is using this code, and an older modified version is in gdl.  It
> is probably still far from perfect, but I would like to get it into
> libegg so at least people will see it.  It currently lives in CVS module
> gnome-recent.  What do you guys think?

I think this is a good idea and we need to share this functionality. 


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