Re: gnome-recent in libegg

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 00:58, James Willcox wrote:

I've created some code that stores recently used files called
gnome-recent (it was mentioned on this list before).  It has a
model-view design, and currently has gtk+ and libbonoboui "views" which
are used to reflect the current contents of the file list.  Currently
gedit is using this code, and an older modified version is in gdl.  It
is probably still far from perfect, but I would like to get it into
libegg so at least people will see it.  It currently lives in CVS module
gnome-recent.  What do you guys think?

IMO, it is a good idea. As James told, the gnome-recent code is used in gedit and works well.
IIRC, it also has the framework to build a per-user MRU list of files (like in MS Windows >= 95).



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