gturing 0.1.1 is out

gturing 0.1.1 "alive & kicking" is out:


gturing is a simple turing machine simulator with 
graphical interface. A Turing machine is the simplest possible 
computing device which can only perform very simple operations.
However, almost everything in programming languages can be
written as a program for the Turing machine.

Of course, no one uses the Turing machine for actual computing 
work, but it is very useful in theoretical computer science and
mathematical logic.

It's a nice complement for students who likes to practice with
theory and a nice toy to play with.

What's new in 0.1.1:
- First GNOME 2.0 port (complete)
- New state's editor
- gconf integration
- Updated documentation (Alexander Kirillov)
- Cleaner code

* Translations:
- pl.po: Zbigniew Chyla
- sk.po: Stanislav Visnovsky
- sv.po: Christian Rose
- da.po: Tino Meinen
- es.po: Germán Poo C.



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