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Hmm... Appears like I sent my comment as private mail instead of replying to all (never use a new mail client for "important" messages ;-). Well, so I'm forwarding my opinion again.
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Dave Bordoley wrote:
On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 12:33, Alexander Larsson wrote:

So you want to expose the fact to users that our settings dialogs are in fact applications?

Alexander: Why do you want to hide the fact that the settings dialogs are applications? They are applications.

Seth already made this decision when he put preferences in the
applications menu (and therefore in the applications:// directory).

(applications://Preferences, applications://system)

First: If you click on something that looks like a folder the Upwards-Button should work after that. Anything else just is inconsitent bullshit.

Second: It's really confusing the the URL schema changes after clicking on something in the start-here: folder. A good suggestion about how to avoid this feeling was already made in this discussion: When there is and alias for a URL location, display the alias instead of the URL in the location field:

	alias = gnome_vfs_url_get_human_readable_name(uri);
		           alias ? alias : uri);

For sake of transparency -- which is very important in my opinion -- the real location should be displayed in the statusline or as tooltip. As statusline it would have the advantage to be a possible target for copy-and-paste actions.

Third: Would a tree view for the start-here: folder be useful?

Fourth: But that's too late I guess: I'd rename "start-here:" to "gnome:".


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