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Hmm... Appears like I sent my comment as private mail instead of replying to all (never use a new mail client for "important" messages ;-). Well, so I'm forwarding my opinion again.
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Alexander Larsson wrote:

> I would prefer if e.g. "desktop preferences" were part of the
> toplevel gnome menu rather than under applications, since I'm not
> sure at all that people will look under applications when they browse
> the menu looking for where to change the font.


> Of course they'll quickly learn that the fact that the submenu is
> called applications doesn't mean anything, and in fact whatever you
> want to do it's the menu to look in (unless you want to take a
> screenshot, which for some unknown reason has been decided is more
> worthy than e.g. preferences of a top-level menu entry).

If we change this with 2.0.1 only few will get used of this disaster...
For those who got used allready would could place a "Opps, sorry for the mistake" launcher into Apps/Prefs ;-)


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