I'm now attached to all bugzilla emails

Just a heads up- I'm now getting a copy of all emails sent by bugzilla.
I'm doing this so that I can effectively monitor and help with triage
for GNOME2, much as I did for Evolution. Since the Alpha is due out any
day now, I figure this is as good a time as any for me to start.

We still don't have formally agreed-upon guidelines for this triage,
unfortunately. I'll be tagging things informally by priority/severity,
while adding GNOME2 as a keyword for (apparent) GNOME2 bugs so that we
can go back and re-triage them when more formal standards for triage

To that end, I hope to write up a starting point for discussion, based
on what telsa proposed to this list a while ago [but more detailed] and
email it out by Friday. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please, let
me know- I've learned a lot from doing Evo but I've still got a long
ways to go and am very, very open to feedback, since (obviously) I'm
only a role-player here and not absolute bug czar like I was for evo.

Followups to desktop-devel only, please. 


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