Re: GNOME 2.0 Desktop 'Alpha' Release

jacob berkman wrote:
> > Actually, there are a lot of absolute paths fixed in the binaries at
> > build time. For example:
> >
> >       - locale directory
> >       - icon/pixmap directory
> >       - configuration files ($prefix/etc, $prefix/share)
> >
> > It would be nice to change these to relative paths based on the location
> > of the binary or some magic environment variable.
> the infrastructure (GNOME_PATH and gnome_program_locate_*) are there - i

Yes, but what can we do lower down in the food chain?
E.g.: bindtextdomain calls in glib, bonobo-activation, or the mime database
location in gnome-vfs.

Some packages already use their own environment variables like gconf.
Bonobo-activation uses GNOME_PATH and it's own code to locale the
.server files.

What is the preferred method?

> guess someone just needs to step up and fix everything (ie, someone who
> wants relocatable packages).

I can start sending patches as soon as we agree on how to do this.


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