Re: mini-commander

>Get the cvs HEAD version, and try to use it. It has a lot of focus
>problems, and you can hardly get the right-click menu.
>If you can help fix these, that would be great as neither Kevin nor
>myself use this tool.

I was going to try my hand at fixing the slew of problems with the
applet, but after looking at the code for an evening, I decided it might
be better to simply rewrite it and leave out the cruft.  From the talk
on this list, it sounds like people use it because its a light-weight
version of the "Run" dialog--of course, a quick look though the code
shows this to be false ;)  I whipped up a simple entry box tonight that
handles commands+arguments and complies with utf8.  If there's interest,
I'll flesh this out to include configurable sizes, foreground/background
colors, and autocompletion.  I don't see any need to include the file
browser (its there in the run dialog already), clock/date, etc., from
the original; this is, after all, intended to be a small, light-weight
command prompt.

I know it's way too late to think about getting this into gnome2, but
would it make sense to remove mini-commander from gnome-applets and add
this new command prompt to fifth-toe?  That way it would still be
available for those who want it while maintaining the desktop freeze,
and if it works well we can move it into gnome-applets for 2.1.

Any ideas?


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